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What is the contribution percentage to the Provident fund and Pension Scheme?

Employers contribution of 12% of basic salary is totally deposited in provident fund account Whereas out of Employees contribution of 12% , 3.67% is contributed to Provident fund and 8.33% is deposited in Pension scheme.

What is the EPF withdrawal procedure for an outgoing member?

After leaving service a member can submit his PF withdrawal form 19 and pension withdrawal form 10-C or 10-D only after completion of 60 days waiting period.

When can an employee withdraw the PF amount?

A member employee can withdraw the PF amount standing to his credit

  • On resignation.
  • On retirement from the service.
  • On termination due to VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme), retrenchment closure of factory / establishment.

What is the minimum required “period of service” to be eligible for EPF withdrawal?

There is no minimum limit on period of service for EPF withdrawal. But for EPS, it is 6 months. You will not be eligible for EPS – Pension fund, if you have resigned before 6 months.

I have resigned from previous company 7 years ago and have not withdrawn since.  Can I withdraw even now?

If your EPF account remains idle for 36 months or more without any contribution it becomes inoperative. As per norms no interest is paid on such accounts after 36 months. But you can withdraw anytime even from the inoperable account. The withdrawal procedure remains the same as of a normal account.

How to withdraw EPF if your previous company is shut down or you don’t have good relation with previous employer?

Fill up the form 19 and get it attested from the Branch Manager of your bank. Once attested, you can submit the form with the PF Office in which the employer maintains or maintained the account.

How do I activate my UAN?

Check our UAN activation article for this.

14 thoughts on “EPF FAQ”

  1. Siddharth Nair

    Hi Team,

    I had resigned from my previous organization. I had initiated the transfer of my PF amount to my current organization,I had got a confirmation from their end that the amount has been transferred to RPFC office bandra.The amount is not reflecting in the E passbook yet.

  2. Dear SIR / Madam,

    This is Amit Patil previously worked as a Zonal Manager for SaaS project, Pune in the year of 2012 in ZICOM SaaS Pvt Ltd Mumbai

    I have already submitted my PF widhrowl document on 17June 2019 (now completed more than two month period) for withdrawal my PF to my employer ZICOM

    First couple of days ZICOM team saying me your PF number is old and PF office malad not accepting this application for further process, After that ZICOM open Account in UAN for this now complete more the one months is over..

    When I’m checking my status in UAN Site than got update is ” employer has not made payment in your pf account” becaus of this I’m not able to claim for withdrowl

    Now left the ZICOM job in Feb 2013 and complete more than 6 years for this but till time ZICOM not made my payment and when I ask to ZICOM for this the said due to some technical problem unable to payment… Sir this excuse is completely wrong and they avoiding this and saying for this they take 2 month for the payment to PF office

    Sending details for your refranace
    Name Amit Patil
    UAN NO – 101478073854
    Old PF Number – MH/213891/23
    Mail I’d – apgroups4u@gmail.com
    Mobile Number – 08208953220

    Apart from this if you want any other details than please update

    Humbly, request you to kindly look in to this and slow as earlier

    Amit Patil

  3. Hi,
    A friend of mine wants to know how to check the PF balance as he doesn’t remember his password and doesn’t have access to his registered mobile number anymore. Please help.

  4. My date of birth not change as per my doc and also submitted all doc but end of till pending show so pls request my dob change asap

  5. can i have Bandra- Munbai-2 EPF office email address & contact numbers? my previous company transferred money to current PF account in Feb 2019 this year but till now not credited .when i raised mutlple Grievances they closed my tkt saying contact Bandra 2 office which I dont how to contact as there was no provision to raise Grievances against Bandra2 ofc

  6. Hi Team,
    My registered mobile number has been changed and it is no more in use. Kindly suggest me how to change my registered mobile number.

  7. All these govt services are really pathetic, I’ve claimed PF on 03rd sept 2019 and today its 17oct2019 and yet it says Under Process, tried multiple number to contact Bandra Field Office but its either unanswered or busy – I doubt they keep receiver aside so it wont bother them.
    I’m completely dependent right now on my PF money which is a huge amt.
    what am I supposed to do now?? Even raised grievance Services but no reply.!
    Just awful these Indian Govt. really awful

  8. Ravindra Timmanna Raichur

    My ppo no 69171 I have not received my pension since last 9 months I have submitted my life certificate online and it is submitted successfully eventhogh not received pension to my bank pl check and inform please Reply Reply

  9. My date of exit is wrong how to change, in the you tube they said to go to manage then to mark exit there it is showing no employment found and below showing no record view.
    Then found out i should fill a joint declaration form but how to get company signature and stamp company has closed

  10. This is regarding pf claim rejected because of wrong exit date which did not match my last contributions and CANCELLED cheque does nor my bank details . Now how should i rectify my problem and who should i go and contact in malad EPFO office

  11. Hello

    I have two UAN numbers in which one is completely updated and no need any changes but in the other one my employer updated my details incorrectly my name and fathers name all are updated not according to my aadhar details, Aadhar is also not updated, KYC not done.
    when my trying to update those details my previous employer not accepting the changes, that PF account is from 2014-2016.

    How can i now claim my pf amount??

    Can u please help me out how to come out of this problem?

  12. Malan G Trimbake

    I worked in one company from Feb 2008 to Nov 2009 but i have not received UAN number i have only PF number and unable to transfer it in current UAN number.

  13. Madhav Balkrishna Chikhale

    I Madhav Balkrishna Chikhale, PPO No MH/BAN/00107535 received pension upto October 2021 and for therafter pension submitted Jeevan Pramaan vide ID No. 7484561090 on 10th November 2021 successfully, However, no pension received till 15th December, 2021.

    Again on 15th December, 2021 Vide Jeevan Pramaan ID 1756260047 registered successfully.
    Please expedite.

  14. Namaskar,

    This is Vasanth Balaji G. One of the UAN account holder need to update the mobile number . can anyone tell me the process.

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